The 3 Blow-Me-Away Reasons A Side Business Can Be A Wonderful Thing – And How To Make It Happen

Reason #1: Take back controlPlacing your livelihoods viability in someone else’s hands isn’t as comfortable as it once was. Even though this is your business, your clients call the shots. Which is fine, when the budget, and appreciation of your expertise is in abundance. When it’s not, work just isn’t fun anymore.You have control over your creativity. You don’t have control over the economy, or someone else’s cash flow.Enter a side business to create an asset, and passive income. It’s a great thing to get to do what you love, when you don’t have to worry about the income it generates. When you can help others who may not have been able to afford your services in the past. When you can move away from the “cobbler whose son goes without shoes” syndrome.Reason #2. Increase your income potentialWith your own business, the one you’re passionate about, your income, and your time freedom is limited. Unless you’re a huge corporation (think Dell, or DuPont, or Verizon), if you’re not present, your business won’t survive. You can only work so many hours in a day for which you can be paid. If you can leverage a product, or employees, that’s fantastic. But you’re still limited to what you’re able to manufacture, and your employees still need your supervision.Leveraging a network of Franchise businesses is a costly expansion, and a costly buy-in. How expensive would it be to duplicate your business? Is it even possible? How much does a McDonald’s or a Starbucks franchise cost?Leveraging a network of people, on the other hand, is inexpensive and accessible. Here, your income potential becomes unlimited. The higher your income, the more time freedom you can enjoy. Time to live your passion, which is why you built your business in the first place.Reason #3. Lower your stress levelDo you worry about making payroll? Are you comfortable with your retirement account? What do your children’s college funds look like? What would it do to your stress level not to have those worries? What if you didn’t have to worry about making ends meet where you want them to?Enter a side business. Now all of your eggs aren’t in one basket (or business, as the case may be!).Making It Happen #1.I have no timeNo one has time. The only way to make more time is to create it. If your desire for a side business, and the financial freedom it can create is strong enough, the time is there. I know it is. I see it being created daily. Here are a couple of tricks to find the nooks and crannies. When your side business is up and running, you’ll be able to integrate it into your “normal, Passion Business” work schedule easily.1. Prepare. Determine what it is you have to do, not what simply takes up time. What small steps will move you in the right direction? Are they phone calls? Writing something out? Scheduling something? The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. You’ll find 10 minutes here and 20 minutes there to jot out your ideas, make a call, or run a new business errand.2. Structure your day.Of course life will come up. But for the most part, you can block out the times you need to spend on your passion business. Then block out times for meetings with yourself to work your side business. Carve 2 hours a day out for just you. It might have to be early in the morning, or later at night in the beginning. Many people like taking a couple of hours in the middle of the day – pretend you have a business lunch and spend 11:30 – 1:30 every day on your new side business. Knowing you’re moving forward and taking the steps to build your asset will help lighten the stress your passion business may be currently experiencing (until you can lighten its financial burden).3. Increase your knowledge so you can increase your belief in your success. When you believe you will succeed, you’ll be more likely to use your time wisely. The more you know about others’ successes, and what you need to do to achieve the same results, the more comfortable you’ll be, taking a little time away from your “normal” activities.Making it happen #2.I don’t want to give up my business. It’s what I know and it’s worked before.No one is suggesting you stop your passion business. That’s the primary reason you’re starting a new side business to create an asset in the first place! Times have changed however. Even if the economy bounces back, the luxury housing industry has changed. People’s purchasing habits have changed, particularly with the ease of using online sources.Your passion business may have been able to make money on mark-ups in the past, but that margin is getting so much smaller if its there at all, as people are finding comparable product online, for less. And the proliferation of online and TV design shows and information is a 2-edged sword. We all love educated clients, however most people have a difficult time discerning the differences between “TV reality” and the truths of excellent design.Making it happen #3.What are my choices?You’ll want your side business to eventually be able to function, and provide your income, without your day-to-day attention. Otherwise, you’re simply creating another business in Robert Kiyosaki’s “S” quadrant, that of the self-employed or specialist. This is also the quadrant where you might get the most satisfaction, because this tends to be where your passion business lives. But YOU are doing all of the work, limiting your income, and your free time.To build wealth, you’ll need to dip your toe into Kiyosaki’s “B” quadrant.”B” Options A big company certainly isn’t going to work as your side business (nor is it typically an option. Could you imagine creating a company like General Electric to run as a side business? You get the idea). A franchise is a wonderful business option, but they are very expensive, and would typically require an enormous amount of time, at least in the beginning. It would be difficult to build a successful business franchise part-time.That leaves a network marketing business. Leveraging a network of people is an accessible investment for just about anyone, and you can scale your time involved.BenefitsThere are numerous benefits to leveraging a network of people, particularly in this day and age of social networking. You’re already networking!One, these are scalable business models, meaning you can start small and slow, and build it as quickly or as slowly, as you want. This allows you to run your passion business as you need or care to.Another advantage is they are very inexpensive, most under $300. One of the best is only $100.The investment usually includes the entire system; everything from your business website & education, through ongoing training and support.It is your business, but you’re not in business by yourself. You’ll have a team of people helping you, and it’s to their advantage to see you succeed. This is a true, pay-it-forward system.Lastly is the business model itself. All it is, really, is word-of-mouth advertising, right? Isn’t that how you typically get your clients for your passion business?Is a side business for you? For me, the answer was easy. I want to live my passion, have a balanced life, and enjoy financial freedom, all while helping others. Don’t you? It’s certainly worth taking a look.Everyone should have the opportunity to live on purpose; create from inspiration rather than desperation; and be empowered to do what they love.

VoIP Service Providers – Cheapest Communication Channels

With the advancing technology, you can easily find various service providers coming up with easy and affordable rates of communication across the world. VOIP service providers are those communication entities that are providing their phone services using the Internet as a medium. VoIP services offer unlimited local, as well as distant calling at a comparatively low rate. These services are considered one of the fastest connections that have been introduced, considering the Internet connection speed.If you are planning to make phone calls making use of this broad-band, you will need to have an analogue telephone adaptor that is given by the VOIP service providers, once you have signed up with them for their services. This is a confident proof that you are its member and will make use of the telephone and its services regularly. You can easily find numerous broad-band technologies that are being employed so that the service providers are able to supply high-speed services to its members and users, which include numerous DSL or cables and several relay wires that are responsible for accurate and correct connection.These service providers intend at improving communication channel through out the world by simplifying and reducing the hefty amount that is needed to be paid in order to make a call. These VoIP calls are not only cheap but are fast and unlimited. These are the basic reasons that have made these services top the communication bar. The telephone requirement of the service is improved simply by expanding the Internet data, as well as the band width in all percentages.VoIP services are cost effective and are of exceptional quality, further making it possible to make unlimited calls at any point in time. These services run both voice communication as well as data communication, just by making use of one network.

VoIP Solutions – Taking Communication to Greater Vistas

The concept of the IP telephony solutions is getting popular among big business houses as well as small-medium businesses. As a matter of fact, this latest mode of telecommunication is carrying the essential concept of “communication” to wider vistas. All we can do is thank the internet for the concept of information explosion. As a matter of fact, new and innovative IP telephony solutions are now being promoted in business houses that were earlier using traditional telephone systems or PSTN services.With greater benefits, IP telephony solutions have revolutionized the functioning of large business houses and small-medium businesses.All these have been achieved through a reduction in calling costs, a simplification of the management system and the promotion of real-time collaboration. Moreover, there has also been an improvement in the organizational productivity. With the VoIP solutions, calling over the longer distance or internationally is no more a reason for worry, as it does not show as increase in bills. To say the least, one can save more than 50 percent on the monthly telephone bills, when compared to PSTN services.The VoIP solutions help the business users to gain a strategic advantage in today’s market by simplifying and enhancing voice, video and data communications across the world. Considering this fact, it can be said that, latest VoIP solutions have led to the concept of unified communications, wherein users are able to send and receive the voice, data and video over a single IP network. These solutions provide seamless communication, as they are based on the packet switching technique that allows users to route their calls over the high-speed internet.Depending upon the usage and requirement of the business houses, VoIP solution providers offer business solutions to their users. As a matter of fact, there are two types of VoIP solutions offered by the providers namely- call termination and IP Centrex services These solutions are coupled with the packet switching technique that ensure that users get business-class phone capabilities. Unlike coaxial wires, a solution provides business users with various benefits.1. It allows the business users to make more than one call at a given time.2. It enables them to send images, videos and voice through same IP network.3. It allows the business users to access longer distance as well as international calls at much cheaper rates. As a matter of fact, in VoIP business solutions, the fact that the business user is calling to someone near to him or on other side of the globe is quite irrelevant.The entire VoIP solution is based on the IP process that converts analog signals into compressed IP digital packets. Furthermore, these compressed packets are sent over the broadband internet connections. As matter of fact, high-speed broadband connection is a prior requirement for making the most of the hosted VoIP solutions. For availing the benefits of IP telephony services, one has to avail specialized hardware and software.The users require an additional piece of equipment to augment and support their pre-existing telephone systems which is the Analog Telephone Adaptor (or ATA). This analog adaptor is usually supplied by the service provider, when the users sign-up for the services. Moreover, the advanced telephone system works like any normal phone and one can enjoy calling just like they do using standard phones.To avail the hosted VoIP solutions, one has acquire the services from the VoIP solution providers, wholesalers or resellers. Thereby, while opting for the these solutions, business users must look out for the provider who stresses on delivering excellent voice quality, reliability of services, efficiency in networks, round the clock customer support and security of calls. Furthermore, while availing the services from any internet phone provider, users must look-in for value-added advantages such as voice mail, 3-way calling, caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting and many more.With time, VoIP solutions have gained in importance in various spheres of industries such as telecommunication, finance, insurance, travel and media. In addition, it can be said that these latest applications of IP telephony have almost achieved a complete market penetration, including the residential users.